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Unnecessary Car Shopping With Mercedes: Wait A Minute...

I’m hopefully am going to close a deal on an apartment in a couple days. As expected, the apartment will have a two car max.

That’s perfectly fine, I mean two of my smarts aren’t even currently registered. I’ll instead rent a cheaper storage unit closer to the apartment (about a half mile) and life will be all fine. Now that things are getting less “stressy” as the summer begins rolling in, let’s get back to doing my favourite E30M3-inspired madness!

I really really really really want a manual in my life. My 453 smart was supposed to be a manual and it was going to be up until I saw the gorgeous edition #1. I couldn’t pass on the best version of my dream car, even if it didn’t have the mythical manual.


After I’ve driven a couple current gen MX-5s, I’ve fallen in love with the little things. They give me a similar giggly feeling that smarts do. I’m afraid that if I get my hands on one, I’ll begin obsessively collecting them like I do smarts.


Thankfully for my sanity and bank statements, it looks like these cars carry premiums, especially the Manual ones. Slightly ratty examples with cancerous rust are still asking about $3k!


This one has a supercharger!


Or for the same price we could go German with a 5 speed.


OR! I could scratch an item off the bucket list and get two wheels good. But you know, I know nothing about bikes aside from how pretty they can be.


All cars from CraigsList

Audi TT


Help, I need that intervention.

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