I probably won’t actually be purchasing a vehicle for a few more years but that hasn’t stopped me from looking and comparing. So just for shits and giggles Oppo, I want to know what makes your short list if you had to go buy something newish (say 2016 or newer) right now that fits your budget and needs.

For me I want a fun car, need 4 doors and room for kids and their stuff, and probably would be looking at the <$25k range.

Here’s my lineup


The Charger Scat Pack is definitely first. Followed closely by the K900 and then the TourX. Obviously these are all more than $25k, but looking at used prices a 2-3 year old model of each can be found for under that.

While I’d love to include a Stinger GT in this, prices for used ones are still over my $25k limit.

The Subaru XT also gets a nod, but that’s not technically available yet and would be over the limit.

Edit: Scat Pack Charger might be a bit aspirational since they are definitely under $30k, but not yet to $25k. If I throw the Charger R/T in there instead that puts the KIA on top of my list. 

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