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Unnecessary Chinese Bike Shopping With Mercedes: Send Help

I’m falling for bad bikes and I feel there’s no escape! What’s more sketch than a ten year old Chinese scooter? How about a ten year old Chinese bike with parts shared with those scooters?


This is the Baja MC125 (the actual bike in question is a bit more beat up, these are just the best pics I found on Google). Usually Chinese bikes have their engine displacement in their names, however this one is deceptive as the engine is actually a 149cc and not the 125 the name would imply. These things are rare in the States, perhaps even more rare than first generation smarts. Despite the rareness, depreciation hit them so hard they’re basically worthless.

I have a desperate desire to buy it, if only the darned owner will get back to me already.


Oh god, I love it. It’s basically a real bike powered by scooter bits. I would mount a little winch to the front of it and the same LEDs I was going to use for the scooter project. I wanna Gamble the heck out of it more than any scooter!


And the best part is that the one I’m looking at is a runner going for way less than any equivalent 150 scooter and the “worst” part of it appears to be a seat held together with duct tape.

Save me.

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