Unnecessary house shopping

This... beautiful creature popped up on my Zillow when I was doing a shop search. I am so in love I can’t even.


Highlights: 4,200 square feet, 4 bed, 6 bath on 0.81 acres.

Also it is a fucking tree house.

What is worse is, thanks to the miracle of a housing boom in my area, buying at the bottom of the market, and equity, I could conceivably afford this if I sold my house for market value. (And decided not to buy a shop)


Downside is it is located in the south part of town. Nice, but also far from downtown.

Also a lot of it is pretty 80s.


Luckily as I went to type out this article the thing went pending, so I no longer have to pine for it.


It would have been terrible to give up living so close to downtown.  But man this place is/ was a dream house for me.


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