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Unnecessary indecisiveness with Dr. Z: volume #627

My goal is to hit the camping lyfe hard for 2019, having largely abandoned it for the last two years. But I need to make a sensible decision, considering that camping even twice in one calendar year would be a smashing success. As always, the problem is that I don’t really know how to go about it.

Ultimately, 1) I still need a truck that does dump runs and hauls furniture, and/but 2) I want a vehicle that can handle slightly adverse conditions for camping.


* Option 1: 4x4 extended cab pickup only *

Still does truck stuff and will be a good camping rig. Doubles as a successor to the longbed. Will require a canopy which a pain to store/remove/etc., which is an inconvenience I’ve been dealing with for almost a decade with various pickups so meh not the end of the world.

* Option 2: 4x4 SUV and trailer *


I’m more open to this idea that I thought I would be. The trade-off is instead of fussing around with a canopy, I’m fussing around with a trailer. The trailer would be the longbed replacement. The SUV would just be another passenger vehicle 98% of the time, so having three passenger vehicles in the fleet seems rather silly and expensive... Do I dare think of getting rid of the Sportcross? Hummm NO

* Option 3: new car for the Mrs. *


She wants a crossover as her next car, and has considered a small SUV. I suppose an AWD crossover would be good enough for the occasional gravel road in Skykomish. And she gets a shiny car. This could be a good solution while I sort out what to do with the truck situation. And since this is happening sooner or later, why the heck not? Although I did want to wait longer and increase that budget. BUT But but but BUT!!!! The primary flaw with this idea is that her current car already has 50-something cubic of cargo which was not at all sufficient for our last camping trip. So a crossover won’t be much more help. I guess we could get a roof rack.

Well anyway. I'll be going in circles for the remainder of my dubious existence.

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