Now that I’m committed to removing the Commie bikes from my stable, I’m full on looking to replacing the two scooters with one Japanese scoot. I keep running into weird vehicles that like the spring bloom, are popping up almost out of nowhere.

I should be able to get about to $1k from the sale of both scooters, provided I can get the CF Moto running well again...nobody wants to touch it in its current state. I predict I’ll lose money on the CF Moto but make money on the Chuckus, and thus break even?

ETA: Most of these are just random weird vehicles I found on FB. My main list of contenders (aside from the Sym) were the scoots from the first post. Much of my “unnecessary shopping” posts are bad ideas that made me smile. That doesn’t mean I want to buy everything here!

You know how I was planning on turning the Chuckus into something like a minibike? Well, today I was reminded what that project would have looked like. 

This thing’s absolutely stupid, but I kinda like it. It’s a CBR swingarm and rear wheel mated to an electric moped, powered by a snowblower motor. Look at that bicycle front tyre! This thing’s been for sale for a year now.


Good to know that the end result of my Ruckus idea would have been basically worthless.

My favourite scooter from the last post returns. I messaged the seller and they are pretty flexible on price. The 1984 Elite 125 is at the top of my list. The price is unbeatable and I’ve done a lot of research on it. Not going to lie, if the seller were available this morning you may have read a “Meet [name]!” post but thankfully he wasn’t.


International Harvester Metro 1200

Did you know that I really really really love moving trucks and delivery trucks? A Grumman LLV is a bucket list vehicle of mine, I don’t care how terrible they are to drive. This International is like a bigger mail truck!


It would also be a hilarious Gambler 500 vehicle/mobile motorcycle garage duo.

Thankfully, my inner adult says “come on, Mercedes...really?”

Someone in Kenosha was also selling two former Kenosha transit buses. I never thought about it, but an old transit bus would be a perfect motorcycle garage given many New Flyer buses have floors that are curb height.


But uh...both of these vehicles will have commercial vehicle type of repairs and maintenance,

Tomos Targa LX.


I don’t care too much for these Tomos things. They look pretty cool and I’d love to ride one just to try one out, but I wouldn’t want to take it home with me.

150cc GY6 Elite


It looks pretty well done and I like the pink accents. Though, you can get much cooler rides for $1,600.

Not to mention, riding it in the rain would probably kill the engine...


Sym Symba

Woah...This is a 100cc 4 stroke tribute to the Honda Cub. A Cub-type of bike would be welcome in my stable, though I’m unsure what the quality outlook of a Sym would be. Though, considering it has 12k miles, it’s made it farther than many of the Japanese scoots I see for sale and far more than EVERY Chinese one I’ve seen.


And to round out today’s post, something that’s CLEARLY a scam. There are several of these all over local Craigslist. I’ve actually been wasting this scammer’s time for two days, pretending to be someone named “Reagan Clinton” and living at the Chicago FBI Field Office’s address.

They keep asking for eBay gift cards and had “eBay” send me an email detailing how “buyer protection” works using eBay gift cards (wut lol), and I keep sending them fake ones with a randomly generated number on them. My email responses are dumb enough that they just think I’m incompetent. They haven’t lost their cool yet, but we’ll see where it goes!