You know it’s bad when Craigslist stops you from buying a bike.

My winter project is painting the GS850G. That’s a project that will take what, a weekend or two?

My income and my storage availability dictates that I can keep four cars and four motorcycles. I really really want a two stroke road bike, however running examples are either basket cases or hilariously expensive (even now in October). So that leaves us with clean bikes that don’t run.

Yamaha RD250.


The RD350 is one of my bucket list bikes. The 250 is that bike’s little, slightly less collectible sibling. This one looks to be in good shape and I bet I could get it on the road without much work.

Just my luck though, the seller didn’t leave a number or email to reply to. *Sigh*


Suzuki GS500E.

I know I know, this isn’t a UJM or a Chinese bike. Despite this, it looks so attractive to me. Maybe it’s the naked frame showing in the rear and how the front end was tidied up. Mmmm I’d give it a splash of colour and a better looking seat. Of course, no contact info. You win again, Craigslist.


CF Moto Fashion 250


If you thought this was a Honda Helix I wouldn’t blame you. This is a near perfect clone of the Helix.It even has a cassette player. CF Moto was able to do this because Honda’s trademark on the design expired, thus it could be copied without fear of retaliation. If you looked at the websites of some mainland China motorcycle manufacturers, you’ll feel you’ve stepped into a time machine to the 1980s. This is no coincidence. A lot of 80s bike designs are no longer trademarked.

Interestingly enough, just like with the Grom clones the parts are interchangeable with the real deal.

CF Moto was one of the Chinese brands that went the extra mile to show Americans that Chinese brands can build good motorcycles and for the most part, they did a good job. These clones weren’t as good as the Helix, however they’re built well enough that there are plenty of these things rolling around with high mileage and still looking/riding good. Unfortunately you can’t buy a new CF Moto motorcycle anymore as they were busted for not EPA certifying the bikes.


I was offered one of these for $400 by another Gambler. It’s tempting. My Chuckus was meant to be my winter bike, however this would be better fit in every way possible for the job. I can buy this then flip the Chuckus for more than I paid for it... provided the market doesn’t completely crash for the winter within the next month.

Speaking of the Chuckus, I installed a new Cafe Racer style combined brake light and turn indicators. It also has wider tyres than stock. All it needs is cleaned up paint and a pod air filter and I bet I could fetch a decent amount of cash for it.

Links in comments. Also, I will soon write an article about the history, present, and future of Chinese motorcycles.


Oppo, I think I need an intervention.