Unnecessary Motorcycle Shopping With Mercedes Update: It got Away

So the guy sold it. He told me the soonest he’d be available was Saturday and despite that he sold it on Wednesday. Told him it was a bucket list bike and I was bringing a trailer, so he knew I was motivated. Oh well, that’s how this stuff works. Hope he got his asking price. :)

BMWs and Triumphs remain the big fish that keep getting away!

As for the DT175 I’ll hold onto it for a bit longer. I’ve been wanting to replace the offroad rubber with street rubber. Then I’d maybe ride it more!



I may or may not have mentioned it here before, but I have a bucket list of bikes much like I have a bucket list of cars. Two brands seemingly unattainable for my budget have been Triumph and BMW...and I’m not surprised, they are popular and well-loved bikes.

Whenever I do see a BMW or Triumph made in the past 20 years show up on the marketplace in my budget in decent condition, they disappear before I even fire off a message to the seller. But not this time! I’m first in line to take a look at this gorgeous 1995 BMW K75.


It has 20k on the clock, comes with a ton of extras, a title, and looks to be in good condition for its very tempting $500 price. Oh, and it’s fuel injected! :D Only issue is that it stopped starting a couple weeks ago. It turns over strongly but doesn’t fire. Some research on BMW K forums suggests it could be a very easy and cheap fix.

Of course, my commitment to keeping a static number of vehicles in the stable remains, so the bike this would replace is my little DT175. It’s the bike I ride the least and I already have another two stroke in the stable anyway. Anyone want a two stroke?


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