I decided to lock in my MSF course. It’s all going down the weekend of May 25th!

Calling shop-teacher! I’d love to get practice on that bike you have! ♥ :)

As for bikes, I’m stuck between “slow bike fast” rides like a 125cc (Grom and similar) or something bigger like a Ninja 250. Seems like a few of our fellow Oppos even started out on Buells! I keep finding myself looking at fast bikes, but that’s probably a bad thing for me to do.

Of course, I should actually ride first before really making my mind on anything.

To be continued...

Original post:

I love Craigslist.


Ah yes, a GSXR cruiser with studded seats and saddlebags. Hmmm...

Oooh a Ninja!



2010 Kawaski Ninja 16" rims w/ Pirelli P6 225 55R16 tires - $1500

This bike is super low miles with only 3800 miles on the clock. This bike has been meticulously maintained with regular full synthetic oil changes along with all other scheduled maintenance.



So I looked up those tyres


Totally legit.

Not a scam, but it is an electric Grom clone. That’s pretty neat, I guess. An EV bike sounds horrifyingly impractical if you don’t have a way to charge it. Looks pretty decent for a clone.


I like all my bikes to have A/Ts from a truck.


2009 Yamaha YZF 3-265/65 R17 Bridgstone Dueler A/T - $1500

The only thing I’m interested about this one is the fact that: This guy probably owns that first gen smart in the background. 


This one isn’t a scam, it’s an old Ninja. Wow, I forgot Ninjas look like this! My brother has one of this gen, though his is cafe-racer’d so it looks nothing like this. His doesn’t yet run. Gotta say, I prefer the body on look.


I actually fit really well on this bike...well, my brother’s Ninja, anyway.

This one is also not a scam. This Buell Blast looks really interesting. Looks like the seller recently dropped the price too. Older than ten years, but still looks pretty modern!


The best deal I’ve seen so far was a $1000 Grom with some cool mods, that thing got sold faster than a $200 4K TV on Black Friday.