The end of season fire sale has begun! Despite the title I’ve actually chosen what I want my next two bikes to be...

First up, a previous entry’s contender for my fourth slot is making a comeback.


The barn find CB125S is sitting at $600 and the guy is absolutely firm on it. I mean, it’s a running 70s bike with 3k on the odometer and basically will only need a further carb cleaning and new rubbers. I think it’s a decently fair price. I mean, when was the last time you’ve seen a 70s bike not only wearing its factory paint, but also with a pristine factory seat?

I’ve held back from buying this thing and I may give in if the next entrant doesn’t post their contact info.

Suzuki GS500E. Ugh. Despite this thing not being a vintage bike I want it so much.


I showed it to my girlfriend when it was posted 17 days ago and she told me to buy it right away and she’d even help me go and get it. Her and I have been wanting to do a cafe project and we both love this. She sees it as a retro-modern take on a cafe racer. I can’t get enough of the frame treatment in back and how the front was tidied up. We would put our own finishing touches on (that seat’s gotta go) and enjoy the heck out of it as our first couple’s toy.

Alas, despite 17 days on CL and nowhere else, still no contact info. I also stalked that Yamaha RD250 and it made it 14 days without contact info.


The instant the RD250 got a contact button I sent an offer. Unfortunately I’ve been far outbid by other people. Looks like the guy will probably get like $1k for it. Nice. I still hope this guy will wonder why he’s not getting responses and edit the ad. I would do everything in my power to give that guy 5 Benjamins.

The next one is a Yamaha DT175, also for $600. This would definitely scratch my two stroke itch and it looks just as good as this one does. It’s also a consideration once I give up on that Suzie.


The final entry here is interesting because it involves my winter bike. Previously I said the Gambler Chuckus would become my winter daily, however between its shite welds (salt would have a field day unless I sprayed them in bedliner or something) and paltry 150cc engine, it probably won’t be as fun as I think it would be.


Instead, I will pick up a CF Moto Fashion 250 (Helix clone) from another Gambler. $400, will run with a new battery and maybe carb clean, basically no miles, and the guy lives down the street. Can’t beat that! The large fairings will also help keep the cold off me.


After that I’ll either sell the Chuckus (or another phone from my collection, not sure) or turn it into a full on “minibike” for the next Gambler 500. If I keep it I’ll figure out a way to carry it on the roof of the next smart I’m buying.

Note: To clear any confusion, if I get any one of these that isn’t the GS500E, we won’t be doing our cafe project. She knows how much I love the stock look of old bikes. :)

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