The BMW K75 slipped out of my grasp, but with today’s find I’m actually kinda happy! While doing my normal Marketplace sweep I accidentally looked a bit out of my normal 80 mile radius. In doing so, I found this 2005 Stella!

Of course, Decay’s Stella got me hooked on wanting one of these, even after his engine troubles.


Aside from a manual shifter, these bad boys have 150cc two strokes under the metal body. This one has some rust and a dent on the front mud guard, but it’s all there! Also, only 3k on the odo!

The price for all this scooter? $700 :D Only hitches are a very dead battery and the owner reports a very slow oil leak, albeit not from the engine. I’ll definitely see for sure if this one doesn’t disappear from under me like the BMW did.


Yes, this means the DT175 is back on the market, and shop-teacher is first in line! :)

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