Unnecessary Motorcycle Trading With Mercedes - Winter Beater Edition

After a lot of cold weather rides, I’ve realized that a Ruckus (Chinese or not) would not be a good winter bike for me, so that means I’m going to sell/trade it. I have some crazy ideas...

But first, I saw one of the rarest cars in the country last night.


This is a BYD (Build Your Dreams) e6 electric car. As you could have easily guessed, yes it’s very Chinese. I couldn’t get a picture of it last night on account for being on my bike and the light changing too fast. IRL it looks like the spawn of a Scion xA and xB on meth.

In 2015 BYD imported about 25 of these things to Chicago for Uber use. The one I followed last night was doing just that. Despite being only three years old, the car looked so beat it could have easily passed as a 10-15 year old car. Paint quality appears to be on par with late 90s Kia/Hyundai.

I guess I shouldn’t be so mean to it. It looks like BYD intended these to be taxis and reviewers seem to think of it as better than a Crown Vic taxi (admittedly, not a high bar lol). But I digress...


My main requirements for a winter bike is to be attainable through the sale/trade of my Chuckus with maybe a little cash on the side (but preferably not) and a windscreen. So with that in mind, here we go!

shop-teacher’s Honda Helix

In getting this one I’d be helping an Oppo get rid of a hated project so they can get a better project. My reluctance here is that he wasn’t able to get it running reliably despite changing out basically all possible troublemakers. That means a deeper dive, starting with a valve adjust job. I may not want to do that with winter quickly approaching.


That said, a valve job is super easy on these things so that’s hardly a valid complaint. lol

Another Gambler’s CF Moto Fashion 250


Long after Honda stopped making the Helix, CF Moto picked up the design, made a few changes, then started churning them out. After extensive research it looks like these things are pretty reliable.

This particular one has some damaged body parts, but is a battery and maybe a starter away from working. It even has a radio with AUX input!


The two Helix scoots are compelling due to their large size, full fairings, digital dashboards, huge windscreens, and they go with my current 70s-80s motorcycle aesthetic. Plus, they are 250s which means I can’t get into too much icy trouble. The CF Moto is going for $400.

Buell Blast


Okay okay, hear me out here. I do not regret selling my Blast. There were some issues with it that could have easily turned it into a money pit. The engine also leaked oil and it hadn’t had the petrol tank recall fix done so it died at stoplights unless I set the idle screw to something stupid. The goal for my winter bike is a “beater bike” that I don’t mind getting salty or possibly even dropped should I slide on some ice.

This particular Blast has mounts for saddlebags/cases, the gear lever fix done, the petrol tank recall done, and up until recently still had the factory exhaust. However, because these bloody bikes had hard mounted exhausts with no play, the header snapped near the flange. I already sourced a custom header/muffler that is similar-ish to the Blast I sold for roughly $60. It also needs the carb boot mod and a rectifier. This one’s also $400 but will be like $500 once I get done fixing it. Then I’ll have to get a windscreen. Eh........think I’ll pass.


The reason it’s even on my radar is because I kinda wanna see a “battle bike” made out of a Blast.

Kawasaki KZ550


Look at that seat loop!!! This cool bike would make a perfect platform for a cafe racer. Madame DeLorean and I really want a cafe project but we don’t want to tear apart the bikes in collection to do it. It’s already missing a panel, chunky-looking tyres, and the front’s already done up like a cafe racer. All we’d have to do is remove the rear fender, clean up the wiring, get a small front fender, a racing style windscreen, then get a seat that completes the look...

...and a title.

And since this thing is greater than 300cc, I can’t do the Vermont trick. So that means getting a bonded title through a Surety Bond. Ugh.


Ultimately I’m deciding to trade my Chuckus to shop-teacher and embark on a journey of a janky Honda Helix!

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