Prepping the Chuckus for the Gambler has me window shopping (because all “fun funds” are going into the Gambler) what two strokes are left out there in Wisconsin and Illinois keeping with my “no more than $1,200-ish” philosophy.

To the dismay of Decay, I’ve decided against that CB125S. It wasn’t so much the monies as it was the fact that it was a four stroke. Unlike smarts I want to try the widest variety of bikes money can get me.

Seems the largest displacement two-stroker I’ve found was a 350, and it probably grenaded. The rest of the field is filled with 90-185cc dual sports/enduros of varying condition, 50cc scooters, and a few 100-125cc street bikes. I’m guessing the bigger two-strokes are worth more or something? At least these slightly beat enduros are cheap.


Anyway, while daydreaming about storming down the road with a delightful cloud of smoke behind me I saw an ad for a small Honda and at first I saw the “CB” and was going to keep going, but then... that a diesel?????

1981 Honda CB125 with diesel swap. Hatz diesel single cylinder engine 232cc. CVT transmission.
I used for commuting for past 2 months, goes about 40mph. Swap was done 10 years ago, original motor was blown up and missing.
About 190mpg.
Serious inquires only please.
Fuel tank cleaned before using for commuting this summer. New CVT belt this summer.
Clear title.

Call or email with phone number.

My god.

Looks like it’s using a scooter transmission. I wonder how easy it would be to make it faster?


My gimped debit card has made Gambler prep even worse. The tyres and the valve stems leaked through the cracks of my bank’s lockdown on my account, but I’m really going to need that bearing. lol

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