After doing some more work on the Chinese steeds, shop-teacher’s suggestion about getting rid of them finally sunk in. I’ve learned a decent bit about wrenching from them, but I’d rather be riding than wrenching.

This puts two bikes on the chopping block, that 150cc Ruckus clone I never really rode more than a few miles (was meant for the Gambler 500), and the CF Moto that had a pretty catastrophic failure a month in.

Hopefully to replace them both? I’m looking for a 125cc+ Honda Elite (with the flip up headlamp, Miata style!) or a 125cc+ Yamaha Riva (preferably in sky blue). While scouring my resources, I came across a few interesting finds.

2013 Road King

This bike has been for sale for what will soon be a year now. $40k price tag aside, how are you even supposed to ride this? I’m hoping it has an airbag suspension of some kind, but even then my back and arms hurt just thinking about it.


Triumph Trophy 900.

Holy smokes, this is the highest mileage bike I’ve ever seen! I’ve heard stories of bikes with 100+k, but this is certainly the first actual 100k mile bike I’ve seen. The bars even have a coin holder for tollways. That overheating engine doesn’t sound like a good sign.. Also, that front end bothers me, not sure why.


If I were to go for a used European bike, I’d actually have a hankering for a BMW?

Honda Goldwing GL1100 Aspencade


Well, it maybe was an Aspencade, anyway.

I’m guessing the original paint was peeling so they blasted it with that green. You can even see the old decals underneath the green. Or maybe it’s not an Aspencade and they just have the false tank from one?


Idk. But for you GL1100 loving Oppos it’s probably a decent choice for a project. That frame appears to be cleaner than mine!

2011 Honda PCX


The PCX is quite possibly my favourite modern scooter. That paint, that colour matching, that style! And it doesn’t seem to carry the same kind of popularity tax that used Groms seem to have.

There are surprisingly few scooters out there when you decide to weed out the Chinese ones. I did find an Elite though. This dirty thing is a 125cc...pop up headlight, digital dash, and all! Reminds me of shop teacher’s old $100 Elite 80, but more red and faster. Those tyres and that windscreen, though..


And to round out this list of interesting things on the marketplace, a 2017 Genuine Buddy 50. I didn’t know these things were 2 stroke! I didn’t think there were any two strokes in production nowadays. $700 is a steal for a two year old scoot with few miles.