My biggest complaint with the SS is the brakes. Not how they perform, but how they sound. Under light braking they squeal very loudly, an issue well known to other metallic brake pad users. GM actually has a TSB for these brakes to lube everything up to reduce the noise. I don’t need to take it to a dealer to do that work, and if I’m taking them apart I’m going to try to actually solve the problem. So I ordered a set of Powerstop Z26 carbon fiber ceramics pads and got to work today.


Super simple to swap pads. Just take the wheel off, pound out two pins, remove clip, and slide pads out. Since the existing pads were pretty much new, I only needed to compress the pistons a half millimeter to get the new pads in. Lube up the new parts and assembly is reverse of teardown. Took about 20 minutes per corner.

The old pads

I’ll save the old pads in case I ever do any off street driving. So far the squealing is gone. Braking seems about 10-15% reduced compared to the metallics, but still excellent for street duty.

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