By and large, I’m finding lately that I am becoming increasingly uninterested in cars. My wish list at this point includes a low-mileage Toyota Highlander Hybrid, preferably a 2010 or newer. If this doesn’t scream “My testicles are the size of chickpeas”, then I don’t know what does.

And to an even higher degree, I’m fed up with new cars entirely. I can’t afford one, and I likely never will, and the anticipation of watching something come to market, weather 5 or 6 years in the real world, and either watch them become recall junkies, or hold together nicely and demand new-car prices in the used market, is really the most horrible game to play at this point.

But for some reason, deep down in me, I find that I am increasingly stirred by the new Alfa Romea Giulia. I am surprised by how much I like to look at this car, every time I see it. After having watched Chris Harris’ take on it (or at least the Quadrifoglio), the feeling is only enhanced.

Back to the wait-and-see game, I guess.