I have the strangest desire for having an auto in whatever car I get next. And for some messed up reason that goes beyond what I’m comfortable with, it’s the car in the picture.

I’ve already got two manuals in the garage, and I’ve enjoyed every new auto I’ve driven, which is only one...(Challenger Scat Pack)

Anyone who knows me knows I hate large, heavy, and non-nimble vehicles, especially since I discovered the fun of AutoX last fall. All of my primary vehicles have been shorter than 180 inches, less than 3500lbs, and 2 of the 3 have been FWD. But there’s something I can’t put my finger on in Challengers that just makes me feel quite right inside one when I sat in them at the auto show this week, even if the only things I like about it are the extreme retro-ness, the nice and spacious interior (the nicest of the three pony cars), the fact that I can see quite clearly out of it like the other 3 pony cars, and having 2 doors. I’m a sucker for retro old things.

So, It appears I finally found the car that I shouldn’t like, but for some messed up reason, I do. I can’t wait to drive the new Camaro and drive a Challenger again in the future.