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I really, really, really liked Operation Desert Stumble. Sure, the main film wasn’t very car related. But who really gives a shit? Everyone knows that Top Gear was excellent not just because of the cars, but because of the trio’s personalities. How they went together. The banter. The camaraderie. This was just another example of it. I personally found it hilarious and can’t really see where the criticism is coming from. I also find their Tame American hilarious, and I can’t help but notice that most people I’ve seen criticising the character have been, well, American. The whole dead celebrity thing is tired, but whatever.


TL;DR: Stop bitching. I know you lot are all internet commenters, so it comes naturally. But come on. You can’t hype up a show to unreasonable lengths for a year and a half and NOT be disappointed. It’s a damn sight better than Top Gear with the speccy ginger cunt of a Radio 2 host, and also a damn sight better than what TG was in the last 3 or so seasons.

Also, slightly unrelated, but man the show is shot well. Just goes to show what can really be done when you’ve got a proper budget.