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Unrelated rant *behind here lie opinions*

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MAN, Some people I can’t stand, and when I don’t see them for a while and forget about them I think “do I really not like them? Am I giving them a fair shake?” then I see them again and 100% remember why.


There are 2 docs in my clinic, one of them is the one I go to, because the other is the person described in the first paragraph. He came in today for my services for a change and I was reminded again why I couldn’t possibly stand to go to this guy.

I understand that all the medical professionals aren’t all going to be on the same page, but to hear a primary care physician refer to the COVID situation with “the juice isn’t worth the squeeze” really rubs me the wrong way.


He was referring to the fact that the dangers aren’t worse than the precautions because he’s young and healthy. Specifically that he doesn’t see a problem with people who don’t bother with sensible precautions because this is a personal choice. This is a perfectly reasonable response...if you only care about you. If the only effect of this virus is personal then yes, chose your own destiny. Nothing wrong here...if the only person that matters to you is you and your choices either don’t affect others or you don’t care if they do.

It boggles the mind though that this is a person who is seeing and advising patients of all ages in a medical facility.


Know who thinks the juice is worth the squeeze? The people who need the juice to live. To take this analogy further, people who need the “juice” not getting it because the juice maker doesn’t want to go to the trouble is a major moral failing on the part of the juice maker.

While I understand that people have many legit reasons to dislike the current realities imposed by public health constraints, it doesn’t really change the fact that “public health” isn’t “personal health”.


It’s still technically a personal choice, to embrace public health, but it’s a choice that has an obvious moral weight. A “not my problem” attitude from a health professional regarding public health is a pretty shitty attitude. I’m not going to lie, I’m happy he lost his leadership role in the company...for whatever the reason was.

Feel free to disagree, this should be a safe place to talk about both sides of the issues. 2 rules that you should already know will be enforced here


1. Personal or character attacks from anyone to anyone will be dealt with.

2. No one has to “win” the argument. discuss but walk away if it’s clear that it’s turning ugly.

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