I posted some semi-cryptic — or perhaps simply disillusioned — musing about my job some months back. Since then, the unfolding has... uh, unfolded.

It wasn’t too different than what I imagined. August was a meat-grinder, and September produced the second-worst numbers of my career. But...

October was my 2nd-best month ever. And, AND, already in November, I’m on pace to shatter my personal best, and will post the 3rd-best individual month of anyone *ever* at the company! (I already hit 2nd best, set in May 2017).


I was relieved because all of my clients liked me enough to stay with us. I had a builder describe my service akin to “miracles.” I worked long hours, every Saturday, most Sundays, and ground myself into near-dust. Clients became increasingly demanding and difficult due to the cooling market and shortage of labor in general to complete homes. There were many tense moments throughout.

But now I’m reaping the rewards and working hmmm maybe 30 hours this week and beginning the recovery process. We’re entering winter so I know I had to absorb as much work as I could while the gettin’ was good. So soon I’ll have too much time on my hands and probably buy things I shouldn’t.


Anyway... Felt it was okay to post something positive for a change 🍺