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Unsolicited life update.

Item 1: killer sunset tonight. I am truly becoming my mother as half of my photos are just sunsets which is just a silly daily event that I like too much.

Item 2: my wife is killing it at her new job. She’s been promoted twice in four month. They’re now pressuring her to take a regional something something job, but she’s worried it’s bigly more work for barely any more pay. In any case, this is a good problem to have compared to our chaotic 2018.


Item 3: regrettably, that guy she married is hummmm not having the best time at work at the moment. Nothing necessarily dire, but each day has been getting tougher as of late. I have a good life, what with the doggo, the house that isn’t near horrible neighbors, the lady, and so forth. So I legitimately feel guilty... even tone-deaf... venting about work. But it’s just... Some days, man. Some days.

Item 4: In a rare turn of events, I actually drove my car today, which was enjoyable. I need to drive more.

Welp, I'm out of material.

Thanks for reading.

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