Next week I have to fly to Sunnyvale, CA to sit in 3 days of meetings about nothing in particular before turning around and flying home to Madison. Today I was emailing a coworker out there about an unrelated topic, when they asked me if I’m excited to go out there.

My real answer: “No, not really. I’d rather not have to take connecting flights to California to sit in 3 days of meetings about nothing, and leave my wife, our cats, and my gym, at home.”


Now, this particular coworker has already expressed some frustration about the slides they have to put together for these meetings about nothing, but I still don’t want to say my real answer. The way I see it, I have a few options for possible responses:

  1. Fake enthusiasm.
  2. “It’ll at least be a nice break from Wisconsin winter.”
  3. Fuck it, go HAM and share my real thoughts on the matter.

I’m leaning toward some variation of #2.

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