Unused, Unregistered E30 M3 Shell - $30k

File this among the stranger things I’ve seen recently. From the ad:

This is possible the last unused, unregistered factory E30 M3 Shell left in existence. Part number is 41 00 1 979 078. It still has all the factory stickers. There is no VIN number as it has never been registered which make it ideal for a restoration project.

I have had this for over 15 years and it was stored in a bubble and on the original wooden dolly until I had it shipped to the USA. At that point it was moved to a new dolly in order to meet the US import requirements for wood.

I no longer see the need to keep this for any future projects and could do with freeing up the garage space.

Looking for offers over $30,000. Purchaser to arrange and pay for shipping.

Currently located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

And let me tell you, Allen, TX is about as bland as suburbs get; this is just weird. How this thing wound up there is beyond me. Why he’s selling it on Facebook is even weirder.


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