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Unusual means of transport

Last week I was on Vaxholm of an evening and this hove into view.

Yes, a boat with a huge cotton wheel on the side.

Let’s take a closer look.

It had just come from here.


There was a ticket machine. Actually two, they’re the things with the little roofs over them. After indecision, I bought this.


And so we’re off (after some time as the operator waited to see if anyone else would come along).

The cotton reel is indeed carrying a very long extension lead, but it isn’t used to power propellers. Instead we’re hauled along a length of string (well, the heavy steel cable just visible to the right but you get the idea). We let out the extension lead on the tur and collect it on our retur.


So there we have it. A plug in cable ferry. More here, but not in English.

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