Just few unusual things I’ve seen on the road over the past few weeks.

This Saturn wagon caught my eye since I haven’t seen one in a decade or so.... wait! That’s a Jaguar? That’s a Jaaaaaaag! I’ve never seen a Jag wagon in the wild!

It’s just an unmarked work van being used for work, but it had a nice rack and ladder setup. The rack floor was expanded metal. I bet they can walk all over the top of that van without worrying about stepping on the roof. Neat.


I think this guy (gal?) likes the beach. This is a little odd since we are at least a couple of hours from the nearest one. Perhaps he’s just visiting Baton Rouge or just passing through. Maybe he just longs for the beach. I guess I’ll never know.

It’s not unusual to see classics on the road down here in Louisiana, but a Studebaker truck? That’s a rare sight!