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Rolled up on this almost very shortly after it happened. I, along with other motorists, checked the car for occupants but they were no where to he seen. Homeowner said they saw someone running up the road, which was verified by another motorists who claimed to have almost hit someone running up the middle of the road. Accident was reported to authorities. Car was leaking the most gasoline ive ever seen leak during a car accident. It was pouring into the passenger compartment inside, im guessing the bit where the fuel pump and filter goes in got dislodged and was pouring out fuel.


Edit: accident review. Driver went left of center in a right hand bend. Jerked the wheel hard to the right inducing oversteer off the road to the inside of the corner.

Illustration for article titled uoıʇıpƎ p’ǝʌolɹO :S⊥O◖

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