Poor dog has had the runs all day. I’m on the night shift to take her out when she needs to go, which is about every 50 minutes, give or take. Poor dog. On the plus side, this is giving me a chance to rewatch Robotech on Amazon.

I was all about Robotech when it originally aired. I was nine years old. Those VF-1 Valkyries were mind blowing!

Hell, they’re still amazing. I was always a fan of the Guardian configuration, the half jet, half Battloid. If these things were real, I’d be first in line to sign up for the military to fly them.

I couldn’t find any pictures online, but I noticed something about the cars and other wheeled vehicles in the series. A lot of them have two sets of rear wheels, which on a little compact car is completely impractical, but still looks pretty neat. I guess you need more rear wheels in the future. Maybe 4x6? Or would it be 6x4? Maybe SWD? Audi e-tron sei All Wheel Drive?


Oh well. I’m pretty delirious right now. It’s 5am and I need sleep. But that’s not happening. Probably won’t happen until some time in the afternoon. I’m currently on Episode 21 of Season One, the OG Macross one. Good times. Incredibly cheesy, but so awesome even though I’m 31 years older.