My 14 year old made “Pep Band A” which means he has to play tenors at the away games. Last night, I rode the Vespa out to Lamonica Stadium in Clovis to watch him play at the game.


We are told that this means he is the best player among the tenors, and we are proud of him. He has been playing percussion since age 9. Our team lost, 17-14, and it came down to the wire. I am trying to volunteer to help the band, but I still have to get fingerprinted for background screening.

This morning, I am up early. Once I fortify myself with a cup of coffee I am going to do a waterless wash on the Sunchaser and get ready to hit the road. Toby and I are headed to the coast to visit my mom, and my wife and younger son will be coming over in her Infiniti later today.

My older son is celebrating his 2 year dating anniversary with his girlfriend with a day at Alcatraz, so he will be driving his Subaru over tomorrow. He said, “Dad, Grandma’s is the best place to take pictures of my car.” The apple does not fall far from the tree.

What’s that you say? This is insane, IM! Your family has 3 drivers, you can’t take 3 cars! Oh, stop, I say, have some perspective. This family has seven motor vehicles, and only 3 are going on the trip. That is less than half. Besides, SUNCHASER AT THE BEACH! And he is right - Grandma’s is a fabulous place to photograph your car.


There are is also some fun driving on the way over, including passing the spot where James Dean met his end in his Porsche.

Ok, so this is ridiculous but I am doing it anyway.

Toby will be running himself ragged at the beach. He loves Grandma because she spoils him with many treats and lots of love. She calls him her "granddog." She does not appear to have the same affection for the Chihuahuas. Hmmm.