Got my Power FC to work and tuned. Frustrated that on my drive home and get knock warning at WOT, fail again by the tuner who I will never use again. Power FC doesn't retard timing it has no protection for knock other than warning you. Local RX7 rotary builder tunes Power FC going to contact him or just retard timing myself and see if that eliminated knock. I actually heard pinging so it's not a false alarm by the Power FC.

Ordered a water temp, oil temp, and oil pressure gauge plus pod and the adapter that goes before the fuel filter to get the oil readings. Going to install that this weekend.

Light switch that broke melted part of the harness. Fortunately the new light switch still works despite that.

Next up going to try to fix bouncy speedo, which is causing HICAS warning. Put some grease on the speedo cable which fixed it's sticking now it's just ridiculously bouncy instead.

Looking to buy someone's used FC Datalogit right now if anyone has one.

I'm probably going to that Nissan Jam in SOCAL this summer. Anyone going?