'Up the River' - Out and about after the recent snowstorm. (Re-post for the afternoon crowd)

Hi all - as I think I’d mentioned, we had a 30cm+ snowstorm back on January 9th. Today is the 13th and ALL that snow is now already gone thanks to a freak warm temperature (+12C - crazy for January here!) weather system with rain that rolled through yesterday.

I was out and about in Humdrum for my side job for most of the morning/afternoon the day after the storm and decided to make one of my drive videos out of my dashcam footage as the roads were not great at all, but the snow was still everywhere and the sun was shining through the clouds - a very lovely and peaceful drive.

No sound from the dashcam video, itself, as I was listening to tuneage while out driving, but I added some decent music over the top. It’s a bit long as some of my drive videos are, but enjoy if you decide to watch any it. :)


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