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Up up and away on my beautiful, beautiful motorboat!

My family (mom and sibs) bought a boat. Its a fattass, er, Centurion Enzo 240 Surf.


its got whistles and bells and some bells with whistles. Here’s the rub...No one in my family can tow it. Its 4700 lbs dry + 400 for fuel + 1500 trailer = 6600 lbs. The GX tops out at 6500 with just the driver...if...I had the 6500 lbs hitch (which I don’t). My brother has an enclave and a Tacoma. The tacoma can do it without passengers or without fuel...just. My other brother has a Denali XL that could do it except it has overheating problems without a load and my sister has a sienna.


The good news is that it will live at a lake and so it will mainly just need to go up once in the spring and down once in the fall and to the marina and back which im not worried about with just about anything. Once there I’ve towed this much boat with the 5000 lbs capacity cruiser and it made it okay. I mean its like 10 miles with a 35 mph speed limit. we’ll have to figure out the getting it there bit though.

I tried to convince them we didn’t need a 24' long 8'6" inch wide monster but my family does what my family does. It will be a good boat, it surfs like nobodies business so Im stoked for that. Here is a video I made when they were new with the World Wake Surf Champ using these boats. They good boats


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