Are you sick of of expressing your rage at other motorists with a quick flash of a middle finger and laying on your horn like a peasant? Demonstrate your dominance of the road like a superhero with the PYRO!

(Disclaimer - Do not actually use this device for anything other than the intended purposes, I'm pretty sure shooting fire balls at another person would be some sort of felony)


For just $175 the next time you get cut off in traffic you can whisper to yourself "Oh no, not today Mr. Camry" and turn this

Into this


The PYRO is a wrist mounted, remote activated, fireball launcher built for magicians, but truly intended for the open road. Capable of holding four shots at a time this discrete little device is a great deterrent as well, seeing as most people are more a little more attentive when they are at risk of having fireballs shot at them, at least in my experiences.

So next time you raise your fists in fury because of another driver and feel empty inside because of the lack of result, remember you could have a PYRO.

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