I just completed the 95K mile oil change on my 2011 Sierra, which means the 100K mile service is on the horizon. I use this truck for work to pull a 7,000lb trailer as well as haul material up to 12' long in the bed. I’ve owned it since new, and I have no plans to buy a new truck anytime soon. In other words, I want it to last me awhile.

Here are the items that will for sure be replaced at the 100K mark, as is recommended in the owners manual.

-Transmission pan fluid change & filter
-Spark plugs and wires
-Air filter

I’ve also already changed the rear diff, front diff, and transfer case fluids at about the 80K mile mark, so those are good.


The questions is, what other preventative maintenance should I do, especially since I really don’t want to break down or have other issues while hauling a loaded trailer, possibly on a customer’s industrial jobsite. Should I just go ahead and replace other wear items since they will have 100k miles worth of wear and tear and don’t have a ton of life left?

-Shocks? They are starting to feel a bit spongy, but nothing terrible
-Battery? It will be 6 years old at the 100k mile mark
-Brakes? Still on the original pads and rotors/drums. Lots of highway miles, so they still have life in them
-Ball joints, tie-rods, etc? They all look to be in good shape. No torn boots or obvious sloppiness. No creaks or clanks.
-Brake fluid? I’ve NEVER replaced the brake fluid in a car. But should I?
-Coolant? Would it be wise to flush out the old?
-Turbo Encabulator? Is there something I missed?


What say you Oppo? What’s worth it to replace before it breaks, and what just opens a can of worms? What’s the most miles you would go before just replacing these items?

My oil change rig.