As i said in my last post i would be doing updates on what i did/am doing to the little alfa

oh yeah and before i get started i forgot to tell you guys about the cars my friends own

one has a 60's chevelle that he doesn't drive because it has a drag engine that makes like 800+ BHP with NOS and runs on race gas so his DD is a 70's Toyota pickup

another has a SUPER CLEAN 80's Chevy pickup and i mean its SOOPER CLEAN paint's good, engine is good EVERYTHING IS GOOD ABOUT IT although he doesn't drive it because he's not old enough to drive

and my other friend well there's no other way to put this he drives a mid 2000 ford fusion (and he always gloats about how he gets the best MPG)

but anyway onto the alfa

i decided to look at the exhaust system today to maybe find out where its leaking (not that it really matters legally because i'm putting antique tags on it and in VA cars with those tags don't have to have a yearly inspection.


so the first thing i did was start it so i could move it

(these door handles are awesome until it rains and they fill up with water)

luckily for you guys i have captured all 4 raging Italian pistons in 100% potato-phone quality


She was not ready to start today and i didn't want to push past 2K RPM's since it was puffin' and huffin' like the big bad wolf


After that i moved it and tried to put it on ramps KEY WORD IS TRIED


even though it does have a LSD its from 1976 and ground was wet on one side