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I was becoming anxious on shipping time. I placed my order on July 4th and was told 2 day express shipping. Unfortunately they don’t work weekends so the order was processed Monday. Come Wednesday still no package so I chalked it up to the virus messing up shipping times and thought I’d be waiting a while. Thankfully that didn’t happen and the package came in yesterday.


The timing process was simple enough with the provided instructions but of course there had to be a hiccup. The Uniconnect+ cable was registered and activated online but the downloaded application couldn’t find it. There offices were of course closed when I ran into the issue so I had to wait yet another day 😤.

Well today came along and I set my alarm to be the first person to call when their phones went live. Unitronics customer service cannot be beaten 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Spoke with a representative after being on hold for a minute max, explained my issue and he said he would give me a call back within an hour. 5 minutes later I received that call back and we were able to get everything sorted. Took a few laptop reboots and sorting through coding errors on their part but it figured out.


Took her out for a few test hits and I will say what a difference a tune makes. Eco mode at half throttle now feels like sport mode at full throttle when I was stock. I’m very pleased with the product even though people consider it a more conservative OTS tune. The car is quick stock but now I feel a little bit fast. So glad I decided to spend the money on the tune before the exhaust. The car is quiet but I’d rather start my build with the “go” and find my way back to the “show”.

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