Update 2/16: Oppo Mechanics, come to the rescue!

Previously I had sought help with an overheating issue on my sons 2001 Pathfinder.


After replacing the radiator, water pump and thermostat we continued to experience overheating issues and no heat from the heater. I continued to diagnose it as air trapped somewhere in the system but a tech at a local nissan dealership attributed it to having used an aftermarket thermostat.

With this somewhat skeptical but at the same time believable information, I bought a thermostat from Nissan and installed it. I then used my new spill proof funnel(they really do work) to purge as much air from the system as I could. I ran it for about 15 minutes and it never got over 1/2 on the gauge so I decided to test drive it. I drove about 10 miles out and the hottest it got was 204.8(odbII bluetooth device and Torque lite) but still had no heat. I considered the overheating issue to be resolved.


The next day I had my son take it out for a spin, he turned the a/c on and then turned the heat back on and voila, heater worked and it never overheated. I think the overheating issue is resolved!

A few days later the alternator went out. While removing the alternator we noticed it was leaking coolant lol. I guess all the times coolant was spilled it ended up getting into the alternator and messed it up.


Replacing the alternator has been a bear but we will get the new one back in today!

Determined to get through all the issues.

TLDR: Good news! Overheating issue resolved. Bad news, alternator is out.

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