(UPDATE 2) Besides not being a mechanic, but trying to be one anyway - What am I doing wrong?

As we last left our incompetent shade tree mechanic:


Ordered the $50 4.5 star heavier duty pulley puller from Amazon:


USPS didn’t drop it off at my door. Instead, they used the communal mailbox setup with the two shared package lockers that I loathe. For the third time in 3 months, they put the key in the wrong mailbox. So now some neighbor is the proud owner of a heavier duty power steering pulley kit.

So we’re currently at:

RockAuto sent me the wrong pump (non-reservoir version despite me explicitly confirming that I needed the reservoir version). Charged me $10 in shipping to do so. Charged me $10 in return shipping to refund me my $40. Huge loss of respect for RockAuto after that.


Cheap Chinese Amazon puller didn’t work. Amazon was at least chill about the return.

Overpriced Chinese AutoZone puller didn’t work. Use of persuasion to get the pulley off just shattered the pulley. AutoZone chill with the return.


‘Merican puller (that is still probably Chinese) gets misdelivered/stolen.

Irritation level is high, Oppo. Target budget getting stretched on this project, and not (entirely) because of irrational “while I’m here, wouldn’t it be cool if I did ___” mods.


Must have done something to piss the auto-gawds off.

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