Ok so after getting the C250 dropped off to get the electrical a looked at, I decided to have them look at the paint while I was there. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look at my last post...I’d add a link but I’m on my phone at work and truthfully shouldn’t even be on it...so sue me)

The body shop guy started looking at my car and started pointing out different flaws everywhere in my paint; fish eyes, bubbles, and dirt under the clear in addition to the fading clear on the trunk. Basically, he came to the (reasonable, but not desired) conclusion that my car has been repainted and that they likely won’t be able to do anything about it for warranty. I’m not at all happy about it (bordering furious) but it’s not their fault. I have to accept that I purchased this car preowned and all the stipulations that come with the cheaper price tag from retail.


Secondly, they didn’t want to give me a loaner car (even though they told me earlier in the day that I would have one) because they just wanted to replace the battery and send me on my way. I reiterated that I set the appointment last Thursday and it’s not my fault they didn’t save one for me and that it seemed like there was a mysterious power draw going on for the car to have died randomly twice over the last week with no signs of it wanting to die now. It just doesn’t seem like a battery problem to me because of the unpredictability of it as well as the weird fuel economy gauge numbers when the car is off overnight. Either way I got a loaner car (2016 C300) and they said my car should be done today so I should be a happy camper.

Here’s the stellar toy for the day to help calm my rage (lots of fun toys as well as an economy game screen on the dash):

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