I had my CHP appointment today and the officer was great. He knew his stuff inside and out. Things went super smooth. I celebrated with a trip up highway 1 since I had already crossed the Richmond Bridge anyways. The weather was perfect - high 60s to low 80s depending on the breeze. I did get a sweet sunburn. I managed to do myself a favor and stopped off at Point Reyes Station to buy some sunblock but the damage was done.

It was more of a cruise than anything - no real hard driving. That said, people were about 60% on using the turnouts. That’s way better than average and I suspect it has something to do with recognizing that this isn’t a normal car on their butt. The only real bad offender was a (surprise!) a Tesla driver doing 1st-gear speeds on Lucas Valley Rd. The truck between us was getting visibly angry and gesturing to use the turnouts but they refused until I used my Hella horns.


This makes me wonder: Tesla sells lots of cars in California - can they detect a faster vehicle from behind and have the car suggest using the turnout?

It seems to be becoming more and more common that I come up on Tesla drivers who give 0 shits about actual driving. They likely bought the car for the “self driving” (cough) because they’re somewhat uncomfortable with driving in the first place. On a road where they have to take over (like HWY 1 or Lucas Valley Rd), they are a serious liability.