It's Wednesday.

Update my status on Oppo: Check.

So, what happened: I haven't been playing much CAH, sorry. Also, I have been doing a C-17 model. In that process, I managed to cut myself really bad on the end of my finger. Like, cut-a-few-millimeters-of-flesh-off-the-tip kind of bad. It bled for a while, but it wasn't anything too bad. No muscle, no bone. Just the lower layer of the skin and blood. The quick fix: smash it down and hold it against your pants, and once it stops bleeding, put a band-aid over it, and then wrap another band-aid around that to secure it. Yeah, it hurts, but it's basically just a really bad bruise on my left-middle finger.

Other things: Not much here, Oppo been Oppo, yeah. Also, just an observance, but a good portion of the posts on Foxtrot Alpha seem to be in support of the A-10, and/or blasting the F-35. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but still. Oh yeah, and I learned I am in the service area for Google Fiber. UJELLYBRUH?

Stay Oppo, people!



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