For any of you who are interested, I've gotten a setup,that I like fairly well for just working on it another 30-40 minutes. Here it is:

UPGRADES: I removed everything in the Engine and Power upgrades except Camshaft and Flywheel. I have race brakes, springs and dampers, roll bars and cage, and max weight reduction. Race clutch, tranny, and driveline, stock diff. Race tires, all at max width. Stock wheels and diameter. Race bumper and wing.


tire, front-31.5, rear-30

Gearing final drive-3.62, 6th-0.81

Camber, front: -1.5, rear -1.2 Toe, front: 0.7, rear 0.4 Caster:5.3

Anti-roll bars: front 10, rear 14

Springs front: 280, rear 320 Ride Height front: 4.2, rear 5.2

Rebound stiffness front: 3.5, rear: 6 Bump stiffness front: 2.5, rear: 4

Downforce front: 122, rear: 330

Braking 52% front, 98% pressure

Differential is non-adjustable stock

Also, I drive with the Microsoft wireless racing wheel and pedals. I'd love for some of you guys to mirror my tuning setup and see what you think! I stripped out almost all the extra power but kept everything else so it's more controllable now, which means I'm faster. Testing was done in the Viper/Corvette challenge on Road Atlanta and Infineon mostly.


Based on the numbers some of you gave me I think my usual tuning style might be different from most players. I'm no gearhead though, just a non-mechanically-minded car-enthusiast.

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