I’m in Belgrade, Serbia for 5 weeks visiting family. Here’s a little update now that I’ve recovered from my jet-lag!

First off: my daily here: a 2003 Opel Corsa 1.7 CDTI. 5-speed. It’s slow, but it does the job and the AC is good!

Next up: my cousins used to have a cayenne turbo. They sold it. Amd bought 2 blobeye WRX’S, and modded both. Both are making about 350hp now. VERY fun cars :)


Next up: actually driving here. Fuck it. Soooo much. There’s waaaay too many morons in traffic. Everyone drives well, but some people drive too slow, while others are doing mach 3. Makes for a very stressful but interesting experience. Also, why drive? $10 will get you a nice air-conditioned cab ride to anywhere in the city, plus leave you enough cash left ver to grab a drink.

Besides, who wants to drive when you can bike? The Honda Transalp is a great bike, love riding it! The ninja zx10? A bit.... brisk, so i tend to let my cousins squid about on it.


Lastly, i love coming to visit here! It’s always so fun. Good food, attractive people (of both genders (yes i know some identify differently stateside but trust me, not here...)) and affordable prices are to be had! 10/10 would vacation 0/10 would live