Earlier, I posted about my truck and how I drove it today due to the threat of severe weather. Glad I did.

We had hail, torrential rains, and a tornado touch down about ten miles north of town. I got a picture of the funnel cloud. This is after spending twenty minutes in a closet at work as it passed over us. Thankfully, outside of town, it’s quite rural so the tornado just went over empty fields.


Then as I left work, it was raining so hard, I couldn’t see. Wind was blowing the truck all over the road. And, the road to my work had flash flooded and the water was about halfway up to the bottom of the truck’s doors. I also found out the a/c system’s recharge from early this summer is gone, so the compressor just kicked on and off repetitively and the defrost didn’t do much of anything. I drove home wiping the inside of the windshield off with my jacket sleeve. Hit some standing water I couldn’t see, hydroplaned a bit, and went through another minor flood on the way to my grandma’s house to get my dog.


What a day. Oh, and my Christmas lights are ruined now, too. They all flipped up on the roof (we have the icicle lights) and water got into a strand and it’s burned out.

El Niño kinda sucks.