On Tuesday, the talks between pro-democracy leaders and government officials went exactly as I predicted.

Result: absolutely nothing achieved. Neither side would relent and submit to the demands of each other. Brilliant!

In addition, Hong Kong's High Court has granted three injunctions, on behalf of people who have been disrupted by the protests, to clear the protest areas in Admiralty and Mong Kok. But of course, the protesters aren't going to leave easily. In fact, I don't seem to recall anybody leaving at all, especially in light of the failed government talks on Tuesday.


In Mong Kok, pro-democracy protesters listening to a public forum were suddenly splattered with four packages containing a mixture of oil and. Well, as the title suggests, shit. Yum.

Pictured above is an anti-Occupy Mong Kok activist who attempted to set fire to an Occupy supply station by throwing paint thinner at it. He then attempted to set it alight using a lighter, but was apprehended before he was able to do so.


In addition, members from the Taxi Drivers and Operators Association conducted an operation to remove barricades from the local area, which consisted of objects such as pallets, bamboo scaffolding and rubbish bins.

And finally for today, Kenny G turned up at the protests in Admiralty! Unmistakable fellow.


Full article from the South China Morning Post here.