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Somehow on the 2 mile trip to the DOL I managed to ride 15 miles, cutting through multiple dirt walking paths, riding on (empty) sidewalks with reckless abandon, jumping off curbs, honking excessively for absolutely no reason, (attempting and failing to) pop wheelies off speedbumps, and revving obnoxiously at every sports car I could find.

And with all that, I got nothing but thumbs up, smiles, devil horns, and in the case of one GT500... A legit stoplight drag race. I lost but... I ALMOST HAD HIM.


I saw a dude stopped at a light on a supermoto so I stood up dirt bike style and gunned it through the intersection. He face-palmed in an exaggerated way.

Someone on a street triple got behind me right before a curve, so I tucked down, flared elbows, and did my absolute best to get that knee to touch pavement. He told me he almost had to pull off because he was laughing so hard at this dinky little scooter with flame decals and yellow wheels.

Even the chronically stoic crosswalk lady for the local elementary school cracked a smile as I burbled past in 1st gear, mindful of my speed in the presence of youngin’s.

I like this thing. I still want a proper rip-your-face-off sports bike, or a big sexy naked something-or-other, but for now... The fireball is pretty great.

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