Like new!

How old is this tire? Who knows, who cares. It’s rusty, has several scorch marks, but it holds air! This will get me to the tire shop that’s 1 mile from my house when I have time later this week.


The spare was held up underneath with some chain-lowering system, which was a lot of fun because my tool kit was missing the long extension bit that fits above the rear license and insert into the notch that lowers the chain.

So I was wedging my knuckles between the rusty frame and the spare, and stuck in whatever I had lying around that gave me any leverage. Basically 1/16 of a turn, scrape, re-angle, insert, 1/16 turn, slip, curse, and so on.


I’m happy, because for the record, I did try some quick-fix heavy glue on the leaking valve stem, but the leak was so bad even the glue was bubbling. It resembled something like air pockets that would slowly form if a man were to drown in a tar pit. I was like, “Yeahhhhh, let’s not.”