I've been quiet for the past few days because school's been a PITA and there's a ton of work going around. However, a few major physical changes have occurred since my last update and the protests are now so strong, they have begun to affect myself.

First and foremost - there has been a shift in the occupation. Some have left the protesting in Mong Kok and have headed back to Admiralty on Hong Kong Island, to protest outside the government buildings. This means that the waterfront highway cannot be used for traffic - so all the workers that have jobs beyond Admiralty have to pass where I live, generating heavy traffic. Coupled with schools reopening this week following the initial scare, it adds tremendously to the traffic. In fact, for the past week, some of my friends have regularly been late to school, some at least an hour to two hours late. Day before yesterday, the traffic was so appalling that trip home from school, which normally takes 10 minutes, took an hour and a half.

Tram services towards Admiralty and the Western District have been halted - in fact, they have been halted for so long that rust has started to develop on the exposed rails.


Today, it was revealed in a press release that the government called off talks with the Hong Kong Federation of Students, claiming that the basis for talks to be initiated was voided by the actions of the student protesters. Below is the statement issued by the organisers of the Occupy Central with Love and Peace motion.

The HKFS planned meeting with the political reform trio was unilaterally cancelled by the government today, after they first made excuses about the lack of a suitable venue and then claimed the students had undermined the basis for the talks by saying the occupation could only end when there are results. After the meeting was cancelled, the government repeated its call for the students to withdraw from the occupied zones, sparking fears the police will again try to clear the area through force.

The students and OCLP express extreme anger and regret over this. Seeing as Carrie Lam told reporters that she saw "a falling trend in the number of people taking part in the occupation", we call on citizens to assemble in Harcourt Rd tomorrow night and to fill Umbrella Square and Admiralty. Through the shouts of Hong Kong citizens, we will express our will to persist for Hong Kong's democracy. Through the footprints of tens of thousands, we will prove the occupiers adhere to principles of peace and non-violence. We protest against the government's unilateral termination of the possibility of dialogue, will continue to demand that C.Y.Leung step down and strive for the reopneing of the door for civic nomination.

The government terminates dialogue, we guard the streets.

This is the movement of a generation

U for Umbrella

In terms of action, the situation has reached a stalemate. There is no major fighting, only small scuffles here and there between individuals and small groups. I do sense that there may be growing dissent against the protesters as they have caused major disruptions to the workers in Western District, which has affected the economy. But for many, this is an acceptable price to pay for democracy, if we are ever going to get it. Just wake up a little earlier and set off earlier.