Update on this morning: It looks like the vehicle in question was piloted by a 19 year old kid who spent the night out with friends and fell asleep at the wheel after dropping someone off at the airport. The fire hydrant landed about 30 feet away and we still don’t have a lamp post. No one was injured (except the totaled Lexus) but the kid feels awful about it and his mom (Vietnamese family) is making him go house to house and apologize. Lesson learned as I’m going to take my driver’s permit test tomorrow morning.

This morning I woke to the sound of rending metal. I got out of bed, went downstairs and was greeted by my parents who told my brother and me to join them outside. There was a huge Pierce ladder truck parked sideways in the street in front of the house to our left, and in front of it was a trail of broken branches and sheared metal. Apparently, someone had, a few minutes earlier, rammed a white Lexus SUV into the curb, launched a fire hydrant into the air, downed a lamppost, and fled the scene. (I’m thinking it was a GX or LX because body-on-frame = stronger impact and resilience. An RX or NX would probably still be there, hooked on the fire hydrant...) No skid marks, so it was assumed that they were texting or something and completely disregarded the road... Luckily no one on our street was injured, and property damage was confined to mostly city-implemented objects... No pictures yet, but I’m sure they will come in within the next week...


It was this truck I believe... <photo from flikr.com, not this morning...>

In other news, I saw a first-gen Prelude and a BMW 2000 Touring (I think...) today roaming the neighborhood...

(Like this but with CA plates... <photo from Wikipedia>)


(Same but with plates... <photo from Hemmings>)


<photo from autowallpapers.de>

Just spotted an unriced 200SX on a bike ride as well, parked for good under a tree it seems unfortunately but otherwise sound...


How was your morning?

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