UPDATE2: Its borked again...UPDATE: Its fixed...maybe?? It's borked

was driving to work in the am when it started vibrating in the front like I had a puncture. On the way back after work, there was a bang and then she lost drive. I’m thinking something related to driveshafts or clutch...

Update: the drivers side driveshaft had poped out of the diff. I have no clue why it would do that... especially today, not yesterday when I was hooning it on the Tail of the Dragon 🤔


Update 2: Well the driveshaft popped out again...I guess it is slightly shorter in length than the older one. However, there was some damage on the driveshaft this time round:

Look at them sheared teeth(splines?) just below the cir-clip! Fortunately I couldn’t see any damage on the diff’s splines

I have ordered a new shaft from fcpeuro now...I guess I never should have bought one from Amazon in the first place

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