You may remember the other day I told you that my boss ran into one of my toolboxes and damaged it. Well I asked him yesterday how he wanted to fix the situation, and in a condescending tone asked me if I wanted a few hundred dollars. Well this morning he told me I need to live with it.


Last night I just asked him what he wants to do about it, not offering a dollar figure, or telling him, basically, he probably just bought himself a new toolbox because there’s no way the box can be fixed. First, it’s powder coated, and second, the paint is a special mixture that actually has a texture to it. So while it may be a shitty thing to replace the box over a relatively small dent, it’s my fucking box, it’s my first box, and it’s not cheap. So because I never offered a settlment amount, I just told him I don’t know, which was true, he responded with, “Well, what do you want, a few hundred bucks?” His tone and attitude suggested even that was too much for him as he didn’t see a problem.

First thing he asked me when I walked in this morning was what my problem was with the toolbox. I go over and look and see he’s taking off the paint transfer from my cart, which is actually the thing that damaged it. He was pulling a car in when he hit my cart, which then did the actual damage to the box.

So then he points to the side of the box where there’s like a an indent where the drawer slides fit into on the inside, trying to say that’s previous damage. I tell him no, and then point it out on the other side. It’s then that he says I just need to live with it.


I had nothing really intelligible to say as I was flabbergasted, and I don’t want to lose my job. Yes, I want out of here, and I already have applications out. But I can’t afford to lose my job.

After I just finished writing this at 0819 PDT, he then told me to take pictures of my boxes, “for the insurance.” And then he had me measure where the spot is on the box and compare it to the height of the cart. And wouldn’t ya know, they match!

So perhaps that means he’s filing a claim. At this point I still haven’t told him what I want. I’m so pissed off right now, though, that I just plan on handing him a bill for the cost of a replacement on way out. Last night I was considering just have him pay me for half of what I paid for the box, but not anymore. Telling me I need to live with it is a absolute bullshit and I’m not going to live with it.